The didgeridoo, like many instruments excluded from the history of "Western music", has got a unique expressive value, despite its simplicity (a trumpet or a piano are much more complex).
This tool traditionally linked to Australian aborigines, is always used to more in purely musical and non-musical fields, such as music therapy and other therapeutic disciplines often aimed at a greater awareness of being well.
Playing the didgeridoo is the expression of a new desire for social maturity in the era of web technology.

>>Topics of the workshop
-Respiration correction and heating and sound care techniques.
-Harmonic vocals and hints on the difonic song.
-Basic techniques for sound emissions (horn effect).
-Circular breathing.
-Group music with the didgeridoo and contemporary music

duration: 4 hours

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9 settembre \\\ corso di didgeridoo a Roma 2015-2016 a Mana Beauty Room (Roma)
5 settembre \\\ Workshop + concerto di didgeridoo a Handpan and Global music festival (Brescia)
24/28 giugno \\\ Workshop intensivo di didgeridoo – Modena Buskers Festival (Modena)
24 maggio \\\ workshop didgeridoo + concerto ALBERO SONORO @ ARTHAUS (Bergamo)
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16 gennaio \\\ Corso DIDGERIDOO a Mana Beauty Room (Roma)

14 dicembre \\\ Workshop: Dreamtime a Mana Beautyroom (Roma)
8 agosto \\\ laboratorio di didgeridoo a Festival dello scorpione (Taranto)
3-4 maggio \\\ il Luogo della vibrazione a Zagarolo (Zagarolo – RM)

Sede: Via Luigi Pirandello n. 31 - 37138 VERONA - ITALY
Codice Fiscale e Partita Iva 04274450230 N° REA VR-406943

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