The offer of courses, workshops and group lessons on the didgeridoo aims at sharing tools and techniques of study of contemporary music useful for those who approach the didgeridoo (the sound of the didgeridoo, basic techniques and circular breathing), to whom is familiar with advanced techniques, to those who have deepened the traditional aboriginal techniques, and also to those who simply want to discover a deeper knowledge of themselves through sound meditation.
To support the musical path will be given the knowledge to play the didgeridoo in different musical contexts (only didjeridoo, contemporary didgeridoo, musical ensemble musical earings with tempered instruments, groove, and studies on different European musical genres and experiments in world music), used materials videos and graphics, deepened the innate knowledge through the study of the voice (harmonic singing, conscious breathing and improvisation with extensive techniques), and elaborate personalized paths with respect to their musical research.

The era we live reflects a saturation of possibilities linked not to a shared cultural concept, but to several cultural realities that coexist.
Being able to understand these different realities, and overcoming the discomfort in the conflict with what is not known, requires a creative effort in defining a new logic of thought, and this attitude is also very popular in the labor market.
Creativity is one of the key competences in the field of art and music, and it allows the individual to generate new forms of language useful in the field of communication and emotional support.
The didjeridoo, one of the oldest musical instruments, allows you to work on a single tone and at the same time through timbre variations enhances the expressiveness and the emotions.
This tool, traditionally linked to Australian aborigines, is increasingly used in purely musical and non-musical areas, such as music therapy and other therapeutic disciplines often aimed at a greater awareness of being well.


The workshops are full immersion with duration ranging from 4 hours to 8 hours depending on the educational project.
The main objectives were contemporary music with the didgeridoo, circular breathing and advanced techniques, improvisation, the styles of contemporary techniques and the composition of pieces.


The group lessons are aimed at groups of friends, and even musical groups where you can tackle a personalized journey with objectives ranging from contemporary music with didgeridoo, circular breathing and advanced techniques, improvisation, styles of contemporary techniques and the composition of passages.
In some cases it is possible to structure the educational path also to improve the preparation for the production of records with the didgeridoo.


The individual lessons are exclusive moments in which you can approach the didgeridoo music, develop basic techniques, circular breathing to perfect the sound, develop the technical knowledge related to contemporary styles, composition of songs through 2 hours frontal lessons, use of video dispenses (didgeridoo karaoke training) and personalized exercises.


The courses, besides being moments of musical deepening, are moments of choral and informal sharing: through the two-hour meetings on a weekly basis, groups are formed linked by the pleasure of music and artistic research.
The main objectives were contemporary music with the didgeridoo, circular breathing and advanced techniques, improvisation, the styles of contemporary techniques and the composition of pieces.

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